Trees That Hang Over Your Roof Can LEAF You in a Bad Position

Most people don’t think of a tree hanging over their roof as a potential issue until a branch or the tree itself falls down. But did you know, that roof damage from a tree could start long before a limb falls?

Is your roof safe? Here is a surprising incidence that could be ruining your roof. 

Tree fallen over


Over the past several years, I’ve noticed a frequent offender on home inspection reports. They almost always say that trees are deteriorating your roof!

In states like Florida, which Ponce de Leon literally named for being “full of flowers”, our vegetation is prominent and oftentimes overgrown.

When overgrown trees and bushes hang over a home, pollen, pine needles, leaves, and other organic debris are dropped and often left there for long periods of time.



Tree branch hanging over roof and dropping pollen on house. (BEFORE)


As the debris decays, it will begin to eat away at your shingles, robbing them of their granules. This shortens the lifespan of your roof.


Pine needles and organic matter on roof


Add in rainwater that collects in the debris hot spots plus the blazing Florida sun and you’ve got a recipe for deterioration and potential leaks.


Clogged Gutters and Drainage Systems

Keeping that in mind, clogged gutters can do a lot of damage to the roof as well.

Clogged gutter could cause potential roof damage and leaks.


Say the leaves and debris made it past the roof itself, but are now stuck in your gutters along with several weeks (months) worth of organic matter. Let’s face it- no one enjoys cleaning the gutters but you really need to

When the debris piles up in the gutter and overflows onto the roof-line, it can allow water to back up and cause damage to not only your roof but to your walls and windows as well.


Water damage to interior window wall caused by clogged gutters.


Not to mention…

Overgrowth also allows critters and bugs easier access to your house. Like an evergreen expresswayew!

Iguana on roof, Marathon, FL



The Best Remedy?

Have a licensed and insured arborist and tree company come out to trim up the trees. Do not try to do it yourself- it is a lot harder than it looks and is extremely dangerous. Arborists also have an eye for balance, so they will make sure your trees won’t look lopsided after they have been pruned.


Over hanging tree limbs cleared to prevent future roof deterioration. (AFTER)


Much better.

Keep your hanging trees and plants at least a few feet from your roof-line and you should be just fern- *I mean* – fine.



The Root of the Source

Obviously, trimming the trees back will also be beneficial in case of a severe storm or hurricane…

Tree fallen on house.


Extreme example, but things happen. This outdoor kitchen was almost demolished by a fallen tree during a hurricane!

If you think a tree may be too close to your house it probably is. Play it safe by consulting with an expert and leaf that determination to them. 

Tree too close to house





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