Top FREE Holiday Events in Jacksonville

There is something truly magical about the Holiday Season when the world is collectively focused on doing good and celebrating with loved ones.

While there is an endless list of options of things to do during this time with your family in Jacksonville, there are certainly a few stand outs. Here are my Top 3 Holiday Events, and bonus– THEY’RE ALL FREE! Continue reading “Top FREE Holiday Events in Jacksonville”

Jacksonville Beach Tips: Public Parking, What to Bring, And What Not

Traveling with toddlers and babies- whether on a road trip out of state or merely to the grocery store- can sometimes feel overwhelming. You have to mentally formulate a plan of what to bring, what to pack, and what to do when you get there.

Going to the Beach can open a whole new can of worms because you add in the heat, water….. and sand.

But fear not my friend. I’m here to offer you a few basic tips for having fun in the sun in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Continue reading “Jacksonville Beach Tips: Public Parking, What to Bring, And What Not”