Making of a Coastal Mudroom

Usually the Hubs and I handle are our own home improvement projects. Due to an unfortunate broken leg, we had to call in the professional big (nail) guns for this one! Not wanting to be a stick in the mud and potentially pausing our Mudroom project, Hubs researched for weeks to find the perfect contractor for the job.

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This is something I highly recommend doing for any home job needing a professional- plumber, electrician, roofer, you name it. Do not let a price savings dictate who you choose, or your finished project could reflect it…

He found the perfect match for us, Dees Contracting, LLC, a family man with years of experience and a killer portfolio. We were stoked and finally had something to look forward to instead of focusing on waiting on the other shoe to drop (so to speak) with the injury.

Why a Mudroom in Florida?

What had inspired this project was that we constantly had backpacks, lunchboxes, you name it strewn all over the house. Mornings were a constant struggle trying to find someone’s jacket or shoe that was “where it was supposed to be” the night before. Things in our house have a tendency to up and move around on their own apparently…

After touring hundreds of new build homes with mudrooms off of their garage being used to harbor washers, dryers, AND backpacks, I decided that was the answer to our organizational prayers.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. We live in Florida where there is no snow, clay, or mud-per say, and no real use for a “traditional” mudroom. Well, instead of snow boots and outerwear, ours would host sun hats and beach bags. And most importantly, the backpacks!


As mentioned earlier, a lot of the mudrooms I have seen have been off the garage in the laundry room -to prevent tracking in mud. While I didn’t have space there, we did have a random oversized closet near there. Not exactly sure what it’s purpose was when the original owners built it, but it had a plumb for water (as you’ll see later). Downstairs laundry perhaps? Anywho, that’s where we decided it would go.

Here’s what we were working with:

*Full video from start to finish at the end of post*

Mudroom closet closings and car seats

I was personally a fan of the wallpaper and wanted to use it as the backdrop for the cubbies. Hubby was not a fan and put his good foot down on that idea. Our contractor was just as eager to get rid of it, and happily ripped it down.


Next came shiplap

I was hesitant about it being too trendy, but in a small space such as this coastal mudroom renovation I thought it would be alright.

Now it wouldn’t be an official home project without some obstacles!

Notice the rando plumbing coming out of the right wall? We had absolutely no idea as to what that was put in for, and no need for it so we had it professionally capped.

The AC vent up top was also cramping our style, so we had the molding of our cubbies built around it.

Goodbye wallpaper, hello shiplap! Notice the odd pipes on the right?

Then came the bench and lower cubbies, followed by the individual panels and upper cubbies.


coastal mudroom
Bench and panels installed


Painting and staining were next up.


coastal mudroom
Bench Stained and panels painted.


Add some boat cleat hanger accessories and reed baskets, and she was done!

Coastal Mudroom
Finished product


This is how I styled my new Coastal Mudroom.

Coastal Mud Room
The styled finished product!


Gold koi fish coastal mudroom decor




And here is the full build video from start to finish:



This has easily become one of my favorite rooms in the house! What is yours?

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