Countertop Edges

On the edge about what style of edge to put on your stone countertops? Here’s a guide with some options that may be available to you.

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So you’ve read my guide about the difference between Granite vs. Quartz vs. Marble, now what kind of edge are you going to have etched on to your stone countertop?

Something sharp and clean? Smooth and simple? Rugged and rough?

Let’s start with the basics:


Square Eased Edge

square eased Edge counter top quartz

This is a basic, clean-cut square eased edge on a quartz countertop. It is sharp looking, and will get you just right if you bump into it. Not exactly ideal for having munchkins running around, but hey, that’s what corner protectors are for.

Here is a granite eased edge with a round corner:

round eased edge granite counter top


Eased edges were also used in  this Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen build.



Pencil Round Edge


double pencil round granite edge counter top

A little softer than the standard pencil edge, the pencil round edge is just as simple and clean looking but with a rounded top. This one from a Coastal Kitchen Renovation happens to be a double pencil round edge, as both top and bottom are slightly rounded.


Ogee Edge

ogee edge granite counter top

Probably the next most recently popular edge would be the ogee. It’s step- down offers a bit of elegance to your counter space.

Here are quartz examples of an ogee edge with a square corner and a round corner:

ogee edge square corner quartz counter topogee edge round corner quartz counter top

And here is another granite version as seen in this post about a cabinet covered spice rack pull out .


Bevel Edge

Perhaps the most traditional looking countertop cut, the bevel edge has an angular push back at the top. Above you will see it in polished granite, and below in leathered granite.

leathered granite bevel edge



Speaking of push back, bullnose edges remind me of when you are rolling out dough and you push it out with the heel of your palm. Here you see a marble version of a demi bullnose, with a top back slightly farther than your normal bullnose.



Chiseled Edge

leathered granite with chiseled edge

It’s pretty self explanatory, but the chiseled counter top edge is in fact…chiseled. It is rough and raw. I think it best compliments leathered granite, or outdoor projects.



Double Waterfall

Feeling fancy? You could always go for a layered edge like this quartz double waterfall.



Mix it up


Or why not mix up your edges? This quartz center island has both rounded and square ogee corner edges on the step up, along with a slight bevel edge on the bottom piece.




This is only the edge of the possibilities that are available to apply to your stone countertops.

Which Edge style is your favorite?


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