Boho Chic Home Decor

It’s always exciting to visit customers after they’ve settled in to their home and see what a difference their personal style makes on a house. In this feature, you’ll see how a cold former model home was transformed into a warm and cozy Bohemian oasis.



This home was no doubt stunning as it stood. It was sprawling;  just 2 years old sporting 5 bedrooms over 2 stories on a preserve lot. The tiles are over-sized, and the walls leading up to the soaring ceiling were standard builder beige.

Blank Canvas


Insert the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet transferring in fresh from California. I could not wait to see what her creative mind could do with this completely blank space!

Flash forward to now, and enjoy what I have dubbed her Boho-Chic oasis.

The most blissful aroma of lavender and lemongrass fills the air. She’s mixed a lot of vintage pieces in with the new. You’ll find velvet, leather, and soft textures throughout. The main living color palette is tranquil and spa-like.


Breakfast Nook

As mentioned in our Lighting (Fixtures) are Everything post, simply swapping out a light fixture can have a massive impact on a room. Case and point, look at this outrageous wood bead chandelier that took the place of a boring builder pendant light:

Wow. Mind blowing change.

The chandelier becomes the main focal point upon which she could build the rest of the room.

Complimentary natural grain wood tables, a vintage medicine shelf, coordinating bench with velvet pillows,  and greenery round out the space’s hip vibe.


Little Touches Add Up

Here you’ll see an antique rattan chair adding purpose to an otherwise empty corner. It’s paired with a modern gold lamp, bowl, and  handwoven tapestry. My favorite touch is the distressed wood corbel in the door frame corner. Such a tiny element can go so far in to contributing to the overall design goal!


Tabletop Decor

Her boho table settings are subtle and effective. Using techniques similar to those broken down in the 3 Basics Elements of Home Design post, there are variations of height, color, and texture present. I love the green moss balls in the hand-carved bowl.

The mirror is also purposefully positioned on a wall parallel to a window wall. This allows natural light to reflect off the mirror and into the other side of the room. It also gives an illusion of a larger room size.


Dining Room into Music Lounge

Similar to what was seen in our post about Ditching the Dining Room and Opting for an Office, these new homeowners chose to forego their traditional dining room in favor of a musician’s dream jam-session lounge.

Inspiring red hues mixed with natural wood surfaces allow the creative juices to flow. The piano is a family heirloom topped with a metronome and functional glass vase used to house drumsticks. The mosiac wood paneling between the mandolin and guitar guide the eyes upward to the stunning wood chandelier.


The square mirror image Balinese wooden art pieces add contrast to the rounded Palladian arched windows. Blue velvet on the piano bench adds a pop of color to the warm, intimate space. Transforming this room from a formal dining room into a functional space her family will actually enjoy was definitely worth the switch-up.



Now remember, this is only a glimpse at her home and style. Imagine what the rest looks like! 

Her house is warm and inviting and she has done an absolutely incredible job putting it all together. You can literally feel the love that was put into this design, and there’s always time for love. The earthy, almost rustic Bohemian design scheme for sure revamped this model home.

What comes to mind when you think of Boho Chic Interior Design?


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