Jacksonville Beach Tips: Public Parking, What to Bring, And What Not

Traveling with toddlers and babies- whether on a road trip out of state or merely to the grocery store- can sometimes feel overwhelming. You have to mentally formulate a plan of what to bring, what to pack, and what to do when you get there.

Going to the Beach can open a whole new can of worms because you add in the heat, water….. and sand.

But fear not my friend. I’m here to offer you a few basic tips for having fun in the sun in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

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Jacksonville, Beach FL sunrise Jax Beach
Jax Beach Sunrise, compliments of @kimberly.wheat1


Where to Park

(Whether you’re bringing along kiddos or not, this information will be helpful.)

Knowing where to park will make the trek to the sands with your littles (and all their corresponding gear) slightly less painful.  Jax Beach has many Public Beach Accesses you can park in, though *note they fill up quickly during peak times. They are in order as follows heading North:

        • 16th Ave S
        • 15th Ave S
        • 14th Ave S
        • 13th Ave S
        • 12th Ave S
        • 10th Ave S
        • 9th Ave S
        • 8th Ave S
        • 7th Ave S
        • 6th Ave S- Oceanfront Park: Picnic tables, Restrooms, & Play space 
        • 4th Ave S
        • 3rd Ave S
        • 2nd Ave S
        • 1st Ave S
      • Latham Plaza at the Beach Blvd dead end
        • 2nd Ave N- Restrooms
        • At the Pier/ 4th/5th Ave N – Restrooms; Sometimes they will charge for parking
        • 6th Ave N
        • 7th Ave N
        • 8th Ave N
        • 9th Ave N
        • 11th Ave N
        • 12th Ave N
        • 13th Ave N
        • 16 Ave N
        • 19th Ave N

Now we’re here. What do we need to bring?


Jacksonville Beach, FL JAX Beach

What to Bring

Aside from your obvious towels, sand buckets and shovels, here are a few more items you may want to throw in your Beach Bag.

  1. Water. It’s hot and there is no shade. Make sure to drink plenty of cool water so you don’t get heatstroke.
  2. Shade. Bring your own! We personally use a HUGE pop up tent like this one to keep the babies cool and out of the sun. One of my besties puts hers up, digs an enormous hole underneath, and has her own family “private cabana” for the day. So cool! Literally!
  3. Sunscreen. This one is obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it can be forgotten. Make sure to pack extra if you don’t want to come home looking like a lobster.
  4. Baby Powder. Hear me out on this one: whether you have kids with you or not, I always bring baby powder to the beach with me. Why? Because it will take the sand off! Before you get back into your car, sprinkle baby powder in your hands and rub it on your sandy legs/feet. You can thank me later.
  5. Kiddie Pool. Again, whether you have kids or not this one is pretty neat. Bring a plastic kiddie pool with you, fill it with some water, and enjoy your private pool. Great for taking a quick cool down or letting little ones splash away from the big waves.
  6. Fitted Sheet. Stick with me. The ocean breeze can be kind of crazy. This translates to towels, blankets, etc. being flung around and you chasing after it. Why not pack a fitted sheet, place your cooler in one corner, bag in another, shoes, towels whatever else you have in the others? This will keep your “blanket” down and (somewhat) keep the sand out.
  7. Surfboard and Fishing Poles. Jax Beach can get some pretty prime waves. The surf fishing is pretty great as well, and you can always visit the actual Fishing Pier ($3 to Fish, kids <6 free, Spectators $1). The Pier is in the process of being rebuilt so you will not get to use the full length of it at this time. Be sure to store your rods afterward with a nifty DIY holder like this one.
Surf Jacksonville Beach, FL Jax Beach surfer
compliments of @kimberly.wheat1

What NOT to Bring

Next, we’ll cover what is not allowed.

  1. Alcohol.  You can always grab a delicious margarita at The Pier or one of the other beach bars beforehand. The police have been known to check your cup.
  2. Pups between the hours of 9AM-5PM. Make sure when you do bring them to bring a leash as that is the law.
  3. Glass Bottles. No one enjoys stepping on broken glass barefoot.



Enjoy your Jax Beach Day and let me know what other beach-goer tips you may have!

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