How to Plant Flowers in Large Planter Pots

Ever bought one of those huge planter pots and filled it up with bags…and bags…and bags of soil before you even got a chance to plant the flowers? Well I’m sharing my hack to save your $$$ and your sanity!

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The curb appeal of a home is the first thing that grabs a buyer’s attention. It is typically the main photo of a listing and the first impression they’ll get when they pull into the driveway.

One of the easiest ways to boost that appeal is to use beautiful foliage- whether in planter pots or in the ground.

So you’ve bought some gorgeous planters, flowers, and a bag of dirt only to find that when you get back home, that single bag of dirt is nowhere near the amount needed to reach the top.

Then you start thinking about the cost of that bag of dirt, and multiply that cost by how many more you think you may need and it can certainly add up fast.


You could use my hack. Follow along with the video to see how I plant flowers in a large planter pot.

What you’ll need:

Large Planter Pots


At least 1 bag of soil

Large piece of foam (*the secret sauce*)


Now for the foam, I’ve also used pool noodles and foam rings. I’ve just found that the remainders of a big piece of sheathing like this can be used for more projects around the house, so it’s my go to.


As you can see in the video, all you have to do is break down the foam into a solid foundation to your desired height within the planter. Then, you place your flowers and fill dirt accordingly.

It’s that simple!


This hack not only saves you money on dirt and makes your gardening life easier, but also makes the planters significantly less heavy. If you’ve ever moved and taken large ceramic pots with you, you (and your back) know what I’m talking about!


Here’s my finished project:

Purple Angelonia aka Angelface and Blue Walking Iris

Purple Angelonia aka Angelface and Blue Walking Iris


Here’s A Few Weeks Later:

How to plant flowers in a large planter


Now it did not make the video, but I always like to throw a little Black Kow in the planter as well when I build them. This stuff is magic. Check out these blooms a couple weeks later.


Blue Walking Iris Bloom

Blue Walking Iris Bloom



What are your favorite gardening hacks???

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