HOA in your Way? Grow Yourself a Fence! – Part 2

I have had such an overwhelming response recently to my HOA in your way? Grow Yourself a Fence post, that I feel compelled to write an update. Here is Part 2 of the privacy shrub story.





With a limitation on what we are allowed to do right now, its no surprise that folks are looking outdoors-literally– for inspiration.

Perhaps you want to add more greenery to your space? Add a touch of privacy to your yard? Maybe you can no longer stand looking at your neighbor?…

Whatever the reason may be, I’m here to offer some updates from what I have found with my own backyard’s privacy hedges.

Part 1 broke down the different types of hedges commonly used for privacy. I had originally gone with ligustrum as they are hardy and deal with the Florida heat well. While they have grown significantly since planting, they are still a little scraggily. (See below. Partially our fault as we weren’t fully aware of the pruning process in the beginning. )


Still gets the job done. Just not as pretty as they would have been had we known how to take care of them from the get-go.

Since then, I have branched out to using viburnum.

Why Viburnum this time?

I couldn’t get past my customer’s viburnum hedges. I mean, look at these 15 foot beauties!:

viburnum hedge


Remember in Part 1 when I said 98% of my yard had wood fencing? I wasn’t kidding. After being so pleased with how much privacy the ligustrum had offered (even though it took a while), we decided to put plants in for the rest of the perimeter. Here are the 42 viburnum bushes we needed.

viburnum plants


Now here they are planted in the ground. Obviously a lot shorter than when above the ground. Taking what we had learned from the ligustrum hedges, we knew that we’d need to water often and prune frequently from Day 1.

viburnum hedge viburnum plants   viburnum plants

Here They Are at 9 Months

viburnum hedge

viburnum hedge


Here They Are at 1 Year

viburnum hedge after 1 yearviburnum hedge after 1 year



True- they would be significantly taller had we just left them be and not pruned. BUT, they would also not have been as bushy which is key. Cognitive pruning and maintenance have made ALL the difference this time. They have grown so fast and already surpass the fence line height in just one year.

I am very pleased with how they have turned out and would absolutely recommend them for an additional line of privacy. It is crazy how fast viburnum grows!



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