Glass Backsplash

Once I said “goodbye” to the beautiful travertine backsplash in my once traditional kitchen, we needed to find a comparable replacement. I had a very specific color in mind for the backsplash in my Coastal Kitchen renovation. Sea glass green, but not sage, with a hint of blue, but not turquoise. And I wanted it to be glass. Totally easy to find, right?…

After countless visits to hardware stores and a trek out to the design superstore, it was no surprise I couldn’t find the exact color I was envisioning. I DID, however, find it online.




Surf Glass Subway Tile 1 sq.ft. (Eight 3″ x 6″ Tiles) was about as close as humanly possible to the shade I was going for. It came in side-by-side sheets of 8 that would need to be cut and staggered. I loved the way it looked against the new white granite and gave the —green— light to go ahead and have it installed.






Travertine down, drywall up


Upon the beginning of demo, we found out that the original travertine subway tiles were not installed with the correct adhesive, so all of the drywall in that area had to be torn down and replaced in order to start new and most importantly- flat.






Spacing the tiles

The Surf Glass Subway Tile 1 sq.ft. (Eight 3″ x 6″ Tiles) came in 2×4 straight sheets, so each set had to be cut, organized, and staggered in order to get them just right. (You’ll notice in this picture that there is one less outlet than in the final photos-whoops! Another reason its always good to get a couple extra sheets ‘just in case”.)


Final Product
Surf Glass Backsplash
Surf Glass Backsplash

All in all it came out EXACTLY how I wanted it. When paired with the white grout, the green wasn’t so in-your-face and added the perfect POP of color. I will say to be very careful in your cleanup afterward as teeny tiny glass shards can scatter as result of cutting the glass tiles perfectly to size.    

Surf Glass Subway Tile Backsplash

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