Ditch the Dining Room and Opt for Office?

How many times do you eat in your formal dining room? Every night? Every Sunday? Every…. Thanksgiving?

At my Mumsie’s house, nearly every family meal is eaten in her dining room (aside from her bacon and iced tea breakfast).

On the flip side, I can honestly count on one hand the times we’ve sat at our table. I even set it for Christmas last year and everyone still congregated in the family room instead.

Traditional Dining Room


This juxtaposition of generational use is why I’m seeing a trend in new construction homes where –shocker– several builders aren’t even building formal dining rooms anymore!

In it’s place, you’re starting to see a bonus room, a flex space, a grandiose foyer, or even my personal favorite- an office.


Especially in the post covid WFH world.

In a pinch for in-home work space? Why not trade in that dusty hutch and table for a new desk and light feature? By creating a personalized area that flows well with the rest of your home’s interior design, you’ll probably find yourself appreciating the room more since it is actually being utilized.

Traditional Dining Room converted into Coastal Office

From a resale perspective, keep in mind that doing any major restructuring that limits the dining room to only being an office may turn off future buyers who have their hearts set on having a traditional dining room. Keep it simple and take advantage of the space that is already there. This will allow anyone in the future to determine for themselves whether they want to keep the area as an office, or return it to its predetermined purpose by simply changing out furniture and light fixtures.


Another note of mention: if you happen to be a little lackadaisical with your organization (shyly raising my hand), be sure to invest in clever storage options that will help your office stay clean and fresh. Otherwise, the other members of your household may find themselves longing for the days when the only cleaning that needed to be done in that room involved a microfiber cloth and can of Pledge.

What do you think- keep the traditional Dining Room or create a cozy Office in its place?


See another example of someone who Ditched the Dining Room here .


Find more information about the Office’s coastal chandelier in this post,  or more about the decor items right here.






11 Replies to “Ditch the Dining Room and Opt for Office?”

  1. Where is the desk from? Currently transitioning my dinning room to an office and this desk would look fabulous in my space!

  2. We have just built a wall between our L shaped lounge/dining to make two separate rooms. The new wall on the dining side will be fitted with kitchen cupboards to create a walk in pantry as it is just off the kitchen and the rest of the room will be a home office. We love it already and it’s not even finished.

    1. Hi Colleen!

      The desk is the Athens Executive Desk in ‘Nimbus’ from Arhaus. Looks like it’s currently on sale and the matching bookcases are so chic!

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