Lighting (Fixtures) are Everything

Every selfie enthusiast can agree- lighting is everything.

When it comes to the lights and fixtures you have in your home this rings true as well.


You can have the most stunning furniture and room design imaginable, but a wonky chandelier can instantly kill the mood. Watch how swapping out traditional lights with coastal light fixtures totally transforms this space’s vibe.

Take this living room for example:

Coastal living room with traditional chandelier


The gorgeous furniture, complementary rug, and design furnishings styled by the INCREDIBLE @katiesshabbychicboutique  should be grabbing your eye, but more likely than not, it’s being drawn upward to the dark traditional chandelier. Not saying it’s a bad chandelier, its actually quite lovely…just not in this now coastal chic living room. All the time and effort (and $$$) spent redecorating is for naught without the perfect pièce de résistance.

So let’s try this one:


Coastal Home Decor and Coastal Light Fixture
Coastal Living Room
Coastal Home Decor and Coastal Light Fixture
Coastal Living Room
Coastal home Decor and Coastal Light Fixture
Coastal Chandelier

Très magnifique!

This capiz chandelier ties the entire room together with elegance, composure, and obviously- light. The color allows it to blend in with the room and the fact that it is made of capiz, a derivative of an oyster shell, significantly adds to the seaside theme.


Coastal Home Decor and Coastal Light Fixture
Coastal decor
Coastal home Decor driftwood table
Driftwood coffee table



Another illustration to consider:

This office was in the midst of being converted from a dining room (full transformation here) when it became evident that the existing formal dining room wheat chandelier was not going to marry well with the intended beachy boss lady vibe. Queue in a fabulous wooden fixture with burlap chain cover and…..

Coastal Home Decor and Coastal Light Fixture Coastal office
Coastal office and chandelier



Much more of a coastal impression with this light white wooden fixture. The ceiling in this room is 14’+ so the chandelier is dropped fairly low to give the best appearance. A burlap chain cover was added to coincide with the texture in the jute rug, and to hide the chain of course.


Coastal Home Decor and Coastal Light Fixture
Coastal decor


If you are thinking of upgrading your lighting fixtures, there are a few things you need to consider. Will it work with your long term furniture/decor theme? What if you changed the paint color of your walls? Will it give off as much light as you need in that room?

Next time we will talk about the importance of having the correct light bulbs in those fabulous fixtures. Stay tuned!

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