Closings And Car Seats Presents: How to be a Homeowner

You’ve finally purchased the perfect home! Congrats! Now exactly how are you supposed to take care of it???


Buying a home is a major production. You save and save for months (or years) for a down payment. Then, you get preapproved with a fabulous lender. Next, you pair with an amazing Realtor® to find the perfect home. Fast forward through inspections, appraisals, credit and employment history checks, document submittals, escrow and title, and you FINALLY close. You think the hardest part is behind you…BUT…

The most important part of homeownership comes AFTER you are handed the keys.

Much like having a baby, the anticipation of the big event builds and builds. Then you get through it and think it can only get easier from there. Right?


The work starts now.

Those sleepless nights and constant feedings paired with diaper changes and all the things in that new uncharted territory are only just the beginning. You have to learn how to adapt and take care of your new little love so it will thrive. Just as you would your new home.

Babies nor homes come with instruction manuals…until now! In this new series, “Closings And Car Seats Presents: How to be a Homeowner” I will break down various ways to…well…help your home NOT break down.

Maintenance is key and neglect will lead you down a long and expensive road.

Nothing pains me more than viewing a home with minor problems that are ignored over time to later become BIG problems. The majority of the time, regular maintenance and attention is all that is needed to protect your most valuable investment.

While a few of the items covered will seem basic to some, not everyone has the knowledge or experience level to hit the ground running from the get-go. From changing lightbulbs, to maintaining appliances, minor and major repairs, let’s learn how to take care of your beds, baths, and beyond!


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